Surfing Waves For Beginners – Surf Trips to Fiji and Tahiti

Luckily for surfers, God had created this earth with 2/3rds of water, hence, the opportunity to do surf trips to Bali, Fiji, and Tahiti to name a few. There are numerous places to surf on this planet and surf trips to Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Panama, Indonesia, Mexico, or Central America might also be as exciting as the former. Most likely surfing communities have made surfing waves for beginners easy by offering surf lessons and surf schools taught by experienced surfers, and expert watermen(women). You can retreat to these surf destinations to enjoy the loveliness of the location, get tanned, or just spend the day catching the best waves. If you are a beginner on a budget or are having trouble saving money there are inexpensive surf trips, lessons, and surf camps available.

Another way to take a surf trip without having to leave your living room couch is by watching surf videos. There are tons of videos out there documenting the different waves across the world, from North America, to Hawaii, to Japan and so on. Watching videos is also a good way to prepare to surf . I have found that this is a really good way to get in the right frame of mind for catching waves. I noticed that if I surfed after watching a surf video I performed better by trying to replicate what I saw on the videos. Still the best way to progress as a surfer is to go out and surf.

As I mentioned in a previous article, ‘The how to of surfing waves for beginners: surf lessons and surf schools’ beginners have many options as far as learning to surf around the world. Most schools and lessons are very flexible; they offer 2-3 lessons a day and also offer 1-5 day surf lesson packages or more. These surf classes cater to beginning, intermediate, or advanced surfers.

Fiji is a good example of a great surf destination, where many people go to vacation and surf. One of the main surf spots is called ‘Tavarua’ and is located close to the main islands in Fiji. It is a beautiful place with sweet waves, island resorts and accommodations, and island tours. This is a great place to go for a surf trip. Lastly, a surf trip to Tahiti may be the crowning experience for surfer enthusiasts; especially for surfing pros who seek to ride Teahupo’o. This wave is a heavy but beautiful wave that reminds everyone of the power of ocean. Teahupo’o is more for seasoned surfers and pros, and beginners can find other waves located around the island that are gentle and perfect for the aspiring surfer.

Surfing waves can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced surfers alike. These waves can be found around the world and even in your back yard. You can plan a surf trip to Bali, Fiji, and Tahiti and see the beauty of these places with an ocean view.

The how to of surfing waves for beginners is a blog for beginners looking for a new passion. The purpose of the blog is to ensure that beginning surfers don’t get turned off from surfing due to bad experiences.