Is Surfing For Me?

There are many reasons why someone should learn to surf. Not only is the sport great exercise, but riding a wave is a totally unique experience. It is something surfers fully understand and and outsiders will never fully grasp. Surfing connects the surfer to the energy of the ocean. It connects the surfer to the storm that produced that energy in terms of waves and swell. When you surf, you are riding the energy from a storm that generated swell and waves in a far away place.

To most surfers, surfing is a zen experience that takes over the surfer when riding a wave and connecting with the ocean. That thrill of riding the wave keeps many surfers hooked for life. People may think other sports are comparable to surfing. Other board sports ride boards similar in shape to surfing, but do not have the same feel as that of riding a surfboard on a wave. When a surfer rides a wave, the wave is in existence for a single moment in time. Other board sports focus on riding permanent structures like snow or concrete allowing repetition to get better. In contrast, surfing demands dedication and commitment to improve as repetition is not as possible in the ocean with each wave being a unique experience.

Learning to surf is a difficult task. A lesson from a professional instructor is highly recommended for starters. Often times, a friend may take someone surfing for their first time. Unless the friend is qualified and is ready to devote time and energy to surf instruction, there is a good chance the beginning surfer will not catch a wave. If you decide to sign up for a lesson from a qualified surf instructor, you should be able to stand up on at least a few waves on the first day out surfing. Following that day, surfing requires a whole lot of work to master but everyday in the water is a great and enjoyable learning experience.

As you progress and get better at surfing, the reward is huge. My first time out surfing was a significant experience. As you improve as a surfer, you get more out of the sport. Surfing waves is a feeling and rush similar to no other for the expert surfer just the same as the beginning surfer. As a beginner, stick to smaller waves and build your skills. Getting into the larger waves is only a way to get hurt. If the wave looks difficult, it usually is above your skill level. Take your time learning and make certain you understand proper surf etiquette before venturing out to a crowded surf break where more advanced surfers are in the surf lineup.

Surfing is a very rewarding sport to those that learn correct technique and surf etiquette. Get out there and give it a try.